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Change Her Story - Photo of mother with baby on her back.

One:27 is art that matters.

When we say this, we're not talking about the art itself. We're talking about the significant impact you have when you choose our art for your home or office. It matters because changing her story matters.

Her story is one of pure survival, as a mother battling the darkness of extreme poverty. With your help, we can give mothers living in poverty the tools they need to change this story for their children, and for generations to come.

Change Her Story - Mother with baby on her back.

Compassion Canada gives hope to moms caught in the cycle of poverty. By providing access to healthcare, nutrition, mosquito nets, books and many other tools, mothers can see a different future for their babies. Most importantly, both Mom and infant are introduced to the One who can bring hope and change. God, donors, church staff, moms and Compassion Canada all work together to release a child from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Young mother kissing baby boy.

One:27 is inspired by James 1:27 where we are instructed to care for widows and orphans in their distress. It is our privilege as business owners to channel our passion for beautiful art into a life-giving tool that lifts up the destitute and becomes an instrument of change.

We want to change her story because I (Anita) have been immersed in her story. I have been welcomed by her loving embrace, shared a meal in her humble home and held her most precious treasure, her children, in my arms. My heart was broken by the injustice of extreme poverty in Guatemala. But I also witnessed incredible hope. I've seen firsthand Compassion Canada's incredible impact in the lives of these moms and their babies through the Survival initiative. There is no doubt in my mind that it breathes life and grows hope!

When you purchase a One:27 art piece, YOU are changing her story. We are honoured to dedicate a portion of our business profits to the life-giving efforts of Compassion's Survival initiative.

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Will you join us in our One:27 journey? Let's change her story together.

Mike & Anita Lee